Event Calendar & Nominations

Throughout the season the Clayfield Aquatics Swim Club competes at swimming competitions and carnivals.  Attendance at these meets helps to foster club spirit and contribute to the Club's Premiership Competition points.

To participate at these meets, swimmers must be registered members of our Club and be affiliated with Brisbane Swimming Association and Swimming Queensland.

Club members will be notified of competitions and carnivals throughout the season. Upcoming competitions and carnivals will be posted on the website and also the notice board at the pool.

When nominating for events-

  1. Some Swimming Queensland (SQ) and Brisbane Swimming Association (BSA) meets have online nominations. Login details for online nominations are available from coaching staff or the Swimming Queensland.
  2. In most cases written nominations are required for SQ or BSA meets - form.
  3. Nomination forms should be placed in the black box beside the pool notice board before the closing date WITH PROOF OF PAYMENT.
  4. Payment should be made either by cheque or bank transfer.  (EFT Transfer is the preferred method for payment and we ask that large amounts of cash not be left in the box at the pool)
  5. Official nomination times for individual swimmers can be found here.
All meets listed below will be attended by Clayfield Aquatic coaches.

Club staff will try to keep the Meet Calendar up to date, available at the bottom of this page.  This is a shared calendar, if you want to view the calendar on your home PC email application or phone use either of the following links as appropriate to the device- XML  ICAL  HTML

The Swimming Queensland 'Happening Calendar for 2015/2016 is available here.

12-18 December 2015 - McDonald's Qld Championship

21-22 November 2015 - River City Rapids Long Course A Grade Qualifying Meet

14-15 November 2015 - Long Course Qualifying Meet #2

07-08 November 2015 - Nudgee College Long Course A Grade Qualifying Meet

30-31 October 2015 - Senior Metropolitan Meet

18 October 2015 - Redcliffe Leagues Long Course sprint A Grade

10-11 October 2015 - Long Course Qualifying Meet #1

03 October 2015 - Brisbane Open Water

4-15 March 2015 - QLD Long Course #3

7-8 March 2015 - Junior Metropolitan Championships

21-22 February 2015 - QLD Sprint Championships

14-15 February 2015 - Rackley A Grade Qualifying Meet

7-8 February 2015 - Vorgee Brisbane Sprint Championships

24-25 January 2015 - Nudgee Brothers A Grade Meet