REMINDER Sign-on Day

posted 18 Jul 2012, 15:59 by Clayfield Aquatics

 Dear Clayfield Aquatics members and families,

 The 2012/2013 season is upon us! We are looking forward to another successful season for our swimmers and Clayfield Aquatics.

 You will note from the attached membership forms that we have streamlined the sign on documents and reduced the number of pages that members are required to complete. Hopefully, this will simplify the process somewhat.

 This season, we would like to increase our membership base and would like at least one parent of our swimmers sign on as members of our club and Queensland Swimming. This is a requirement at most Australian Swimming clubs and is free of charge. We therefore ask that parents also complete a membership form and attach it to your child's forms. Parents are not required to order club uniforms but are welcome to purchase supporters' t-shirts. Information about this is on the attached  uniform order form, new stock is being ordered for the upcoming season.  A uniform order sheet is also attached – as the club does not keep large stocks of uniforms all season we currently have limited sizes available immediately.  Uniform orders can be be placed immediately or with your renewal documentation.

 The club has also decided to simplify our fee structure for the coming season. There has been some confusion about whether fees are payable during holiday periods or when swimmers take a break from swim training. The club has decided not to increase our squad fees for the coming season but to levy fees on an annual basis going forward. Fees may be payable monthly, quarterly or on an annual basis but is due regardless of holiday or break periods.

 This year we have decided to have two sign on sessions :       

Wednesday 18 July 4pm—6:30pm

Saturday 21 July 6:30– 9 am

Come along and sign up during these times and all children get entered into the lucky draw.

 If you have any queries please contact myself or any other member of the committee.


Helen Cloudsley


Clayfield Aquatics,
18 Jul 2012, 15:59
Clayfield Aquatics,
18 Jul 2012, 15:59