posted 26 Jun 2013, 03:37 by Clayfield Aquatics
A Queensland SC Qualifying meet is on 20 - 21 July at the Chandler Aquatics Center.  If you wish to nominate for this meet you must -

1. renew your registration with the club and SQ and pay all associated fees
2. become a member of the club and join SQ and pay all associated fees
3. complete a nomination form and email to or place in the black nominations box at the pool
4. pay the nomination fees by cheque, cash or direct deposit (preferred) (Payment or proof of payment must accompany your nomination form.

NO NOMINATIONS WILL BE PROCESSED UNLESS ALL REGISTRATION AND NOMINATION FEES ARE PAID BEFORE 5pm on 5 JULY 2013.  Any member with outstanding accounts must also pay all outstanding accounts or nominations will not be processed.

All forms are available on the Event Calendar and Nominations page of this website (Click on the Welcome to Clayfield Aquatics Tab at the top of the page)

Any questions about nominations must be directed to

All queries about membership must be directed to