Our Club

Vision Statement

We aim to provide an environment where each member can be a champion and a good member of our community. We seek a high level of participation in the management and growth of our club by swimmers and their families. We want every member to be proud to be part of Clayfield Aquatics and to be supported in their efforts by the committees, coaches and fellow members.

  • To create a culture based on quality not quantity training (both in direction of the coaching and the outcome for the swimmers); 
  • To encourage swimmers to be independent and resilient in their sport and in life;
  • To have a high work ethic amongst swimmers;
  • To be honest and truthful in their conduct;
  • To have respect for fellow members, their coaches and the management rules of the club;
  • To take responsibility for their actions and to be aware of how it impacts on those around them;
  • To take responsibility for their own training and development and;
  • To enjoy themselves and to focus on their own goals and performance rather than on winning. 

Club and Committee:

  • To provide a safe environment for members; 
  • To encourage and support the efforts of coaches and swimmers; 
  • To encourage enjoyment of the sport, fostering of friendships and pride in the club; 
  • To manage the affairs of the club to its best ability for the benefit of all members; 
  • To be professional and fair in its conduct; 
  • To be good ambassadors of the club and role models for members; 
  • To encourage a high level of involvement by swimming families and the local community. 
  • To support the efforts, rules and standards of Swimming Queensland and Swimming Australia. 
  • To maintain and improve our ranking as a premier division club.